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#5 - 2.5mm  DC Power Jack Replacement Part - (Compatible Laptops)

    $9.50ea > Email Me: blueddiamondd@harbornet.com  for Discounted Pricing and (The Monthly SPECIAL !)

                                      ** PLEASE EMAIL ME if  ANY Questions > blueddiamondd@harbornet.com

Toshiba Satellite 2400 / 1905 / 1900 / 1800 / 1400 / S301 / S302 series HP ZX & ZD Series, A70 / A75 / S211 / M35x-S149 / L15-S104 M30X Series,  1905-S301 #5 2.5mm
M35X Series:
M35X-S109, M35X-S111, M35X-S114, M35X-S1141, M35X-S1142, M35X-S1143, M35X-S149, M35X-S1491, M35X-S1492, M35X-S161, M35X-S1611, M35X-S163, M35X-S1631, M35X-S309, M35X-S3091, M35X-S311, M35X-S3111, M35X-S3112, M35X-S329, M35X-S3291, M35X-S349, M35X-S3491
A15 Series*:
A15-S127*, A15-S128*, A15-S129*, A15-S157*, A15-S158*, A15-S169*
A70 Series:
A70-S2482TD, A70-S249,A70-S2491, A70-S2492ST, A70-S256, A70-S2561, A70-S259, A70-S2591
A75 Series:
A75-S125, A75-S1251, A75-S1252, A75-S1253, A75-S1254, A75-S1255, A75-S206, A75-S2061, A75-S209, A75-S2091, A75-S211, A75-S2111, A75-S2112, A75-S213, A75-S2131, A75-S226, A75-S2261, A75-S229, A75-S2291, A75-S2292, A75-S2293, A75-S231, A75-S2311, A75-S276, A75-S2761, A75-S2762
1400 Series:
1400-S151, 1400-S152
1800 Series:
1800-S203, 1800-S204, 1800-S206, 1800-S207, 1800-S253, 1800-S254, 1800-S256, 1800-S274
1905 Series:
1905-S277, 1905-S278, 1905-S301, 1905-S302, 1905-S303, 1905-S304
1955 Series:
1955-S801, 1955-S802, 1955-S803, 1955-S804, 1955-S805, 1955-S806, 1955-S807
2400 Series:
2400-S201, 2400-S202, 2400-S251, 2400-S252
L15 Series: L15-S104
A79, 1900 Series

Compaq 3000 series; Compaq 1500US/ Compaq 1510us(poss takes a 1.65mm pin)??;  eMachine m2350,eMachine 2000 series; ... Compaq R3000 , R3158 / R3160 / R3200 / R3210 / R3220 / R3230 / R3240 / R3265 / R3290 / R3550US, R3000 / R3003 / R3004 / R3005 / R3020 / R3040 / R3050 / R3060 / R3070 / R3120 / R3140 / R3150

+IBM Thinkpad I Series 600E / 600X / A20 / A21 / A22 / A30 / A30P / A31 / X20 / X24 / R40 (may come in yellow resin) but will work.

+ Emachine M2352 // M5414 (2.5mm)

+ uniwill (maxnote) 733 green laptop //

unconfirmed Acer Travelmate 240, 250 and Acer Aspire 1610

+ ACER 252ELCi dc power jack

+Packard Bell Easynote, 6100 series (unconfirmed  2.5mm-#5)

Toshiba 1905-S301, 1905-S303, 1905-S301  Tosh A75 / A70  Toshiba M35x-S349, toshiba satellite 1955-s803

HP ZD7000 - ZX5000 - ZV5000, ZD7020US / ZD7045US, ZX5020 / ZX5035 / ZX5040US, ZV5150US / ZV5160US / ZV5250 / ZV5260 / ZV5270, ZD7000, ZD7100, ZD7200, ZD73000 Series: ZD7000, ZD7001ea, ZD7001us, ZD7005ea, ZD7005qv, ZD7005us, ZD7009ea, ZD7010ca, ZD7010ea, ZD7010qv, ZD7010us, ZD7012ea, ZD7015ea, ZD7015us, ZD7020ea, ZD7020us, ZD7030ea, ZD7030us, ZD7035ea, ZD7038ea, ZD7040ea, ZD7040us, ZD7045ea, ZD7048cl, ZD7048ea, ZD7049ea, ZD7050, ZD7050ea, ZD7050us, ZD7055ea, ZD7058cl, ZD7060ea, ZD7063ea, ZD7065ea, ZD7066ea, ZD7070ea, ZD7080ea, ZD7101, ZD7101us, ZD7102us, ZD7112ea, ZD7120ea, ZD7128ea, ZD7129ea, ZD7131ea, ZD7139ea, ZD7140us, ZD7141, ZD7141ea, ZD7143ea, ZD7144ea, ZD7145ea, ZD7150ea, ZD7160ca, ZD7160us, ZD7167ea, ZD7168cl, ZD7168ea, ZD7169ea, ZD7170ea, ZD7180us, ZD7188cl, ZD7198cl, ZD7201us, ZD7202us, ZD7228ea, ZD7229ea, ZD7230ea, ZD7230us, ZD7235ea, ZD7236ea, ZD7245ea, ZD7248ea, ZD7249cl, ZD7250ea, ZD7255ea, ZD7256ea, ZD7257ea, ZD7258ea, ZD7259ea, ZD7260ea, ZD7260us, ZD7265ea, ZD7267ea, ZD7269cl, ZD7270ea, ZD7280us, ZD7283ea, ZD7300ea, ZD7310ca, ZD7310us, ZD7320ea, ZD7340ea, ZD7341ea, ZD7342ea, ZD7348ea, ZD7349ea, ZD7350ea, ZD7360us, ZD7373ea, ZD7374ea, ZD7375ea, ZD7376ea, ZD7377ea, ZD7378ea, ZD7379cl, ZD7379ea, ZD7380ea, ZD7380us, ZD7381ea, ZD7382ea, ZD7383ea, ZD7385ea, ZD7389cl, ZD7390ea, ZD7392ea, ZD7395ea
ZX5000 Series: ZX5040EA, ZX5060, ZX5180, ZX5002, ZX5280us, ZX5078, ZX5041
ZV5000 Series: ZV5000, ZV5000t, ZV5000z, ZV5001US, ZV5002, ZV5030US, ZV5034US, ZV5037WM, ZV5101US, ZV5103, ZV5105US, ZV5120, ZV5160, ZV5200, ZV5201, ZV5202, ZV5210, ZV5220, ZV5227, ZV5230, ZV5235, ZV5240, ZV5242QV, ZV5247LA, ZV5255US, ZV5257LA, ZV5260US, ZV5267LA, ZV5270US, ZV5287LA, ZV5316US, ZV5320, ZV5325, ZV5330, ZV5330, ZV5340, ZV5343, ZV5346, ZV5348, ZV5360, ZV5370, ZV5380, ZV5386
Series NX9100: NX9105, NX9110, NX9110
Series NX9500: NX9500

+ Gateway: M520  M320, 9300, 3018GZ, 6520GZ, 7330

+ HP HP se4560 2.5mm

+ eMachine M5310, Emachine M5309


+ IBM 770ED // 9549-5AU

+eMachine M2350, M2352, M5405  (2.5mm)

+ NX9110, nx9105  Hp, Cmq/Hp NX9500 2.5mm

+ Gateway 4525GZ, 7330 (2.5mm)  confirmed----  Gateway 4525GZ, 7330 and M520  M320, 9300, 3018GZ 

+ Gateway: 2.5mm - #5
M210, M250GS, M250G, M250ES, M250E, M250A, M250B, M320, M325, M360, M360A, M360B, M360C, M460, M460A, M460B, M465QS, M465G, M465E, M520**
    NX100X, NX200S, NX200X, NX250X, NX500S, NX500S w/S-Video, NX500X, NX500X w/S-Video, NX510S, NX550X, NX550XL, NX560X, NX560XL, S-7200N, S-7500N, S-7510N, S-7700N, S-7710N
Gateway 3000 Series:
3018GZ, 3040GZ, 3520GZ, 3522GZ, 3525GB, 3545GZ, 3550GH, 3550GZ, 3610GZ, MX3042, MX3044, MX3044H, MX3210, MX3212, MX3215, MX3225, MX3228, MX3558, MX3558H, MX3560, MX3560H, MX3562, MX3563, MX3563H, MX3610
Gateway 4000 Series:
4012GZ, 4024GZ, 4025GZ, 4026GZ, 4028GZ, 4028JP, 4030GZ, 4520GZ, 4525GZ, 4530GH, 4530GZ, 4535GZ, 4536GZ, 4538GZ, 4540GZ, 4541BZ, 4542GP, 4543BZ
Gateway 6000 Series:
6010GZ, 6018GH, 6018GZ, 6020GZ, 6021GZ, 6022GZ, 6023GP, 6510GZ, 6518GZ, 6520GZ, 6525GP, 6531GZ, MX6025, MX6025H, MX6027, MX6027H, MX6028, MX6030, MX6121, MX6123, MX6124, MX6124H, MX6128, MX6135, MX6420, MX6421, MX6423, MX6424, MX6424H, MX6425, MX6428, MX6436, MX6437, MX6438, MX6440, MX6440H, MX6442, MX6450, MX6455, MX6625, MX6627, MX6627H, MX6629, MX6629H, MX6631, MX6633, MX6633H, MX6640B, MX6650, MX6650H, MX6708, MX6708H, MX6710, MX6750, MX6912, MX6951, MX6951H
Gateway 7000 Series:
7110GX, 7210GX, 7215GX, 7305GZ, 7320GZ, 7322GZ,7324GZ, 7325GZ, 7326GZ, 7330GH, 7330GZ, 7405GH, 7405GX, 7410GX, 7415GX, 7422GX, 7426GX, 7508GX, 7510GX, MX7118, MX7315, MX7337, MX7337H, MX7340, MX7515, MX7515H, MX7525, S-7200C

** M520- might have a 2.0 or 2.5mm center pin- please verify diameter.

+*  Gateway DS M520X

+ These Jacks look to be using a 1.65mm center Pin size jack (a 2.5mm can be used if Power Plug end on Power Adapter is Changed to a matching 2.5mm plug end) Compaq Presario:
900, 903, 904, 905, 905, 906, 909, 907, 908, 909, 910, 910, 910, 911, 912, 914, 915,916, 917, 918, 919, 920, 920, 920, 921, 922, 925, 925, 927, 930, 935, 940, 943, 945, 950, 955, 1500, 1500US 1505, 1505, 1507, 1507, 1508, 1510, 1515, 1522, 1522, 1523, 1525, 1527 Compaq Evo: N1005v,N1015v Gateway
7422GX series / M520, M320, 9300, 3018GZ, 6520GZ, 7330

M520 , M320, M325, 9300, 3018GZ, 4012GZ, 4024GZ, 4025GZ, 4026GZ, 4028GZ, 4028JP, 4030GZ, 4520GZ, 4525GZ, 4530GH, 4530GZ, 4535GZ, 4536GZ, 4538GZ, 4540GZ, 4541BZ, 4542GP, 4543BZ, 6520GZ, 7110GX, 7210GX, 7215GX, 7305GZ, 7320GZ, 7322GZ,7324GZ, 7325GZ, 7326GZ, 7330GH, 7330GZ, 7405GH, 7405GX, 7410GX, 7415GX, 7422GX, 7426GX, 7508GX, 7510GX, MX7118, MX7315, MX7337, MX7337H, MX7340, MX7515, MX7515H, MX7525, S-7200C   M520   ++ M505B2 Gateway..

+ GATEWAY Laptop DC Power Jacks

Gateway MA6 Series jack, Gateway MA7 Series jack, Gateway MA3 Series jack, Gateway GZ Series jack, Gateway MX Series jack, Gateway MT Series jack, Gateway MP Series jack, Gateway W322 Series jack, Gateway MX3215, Gateway MX6214,  Gateway MX6920, Gateway MX8711,  Gateway MX6440 , Gateway MX7118, Gateway MX8000, Gateway MX6453, Gateway MX6421, Gateway MX6550, Gateway MT3418, Gateway MD7820u, Gateway MP8709, Gateway MP 8709, Gateway 6021GZ,  Gateway M-7315U, Gateway M7315U, Gateway MX6028, Gateway MX6030, Gateway MX6121, Gateway MX6123, Gateway MX3225, Gateway MX3210, Gateway MX3212, Gateway GZ, Gateway MT3000, Gateway MT6800, Gateway MT6700, Gateway MT6900 and MORE